The painter and sculptor SIME, born Mladen Simunovic in 1968 in Gorica, Croatia, belongs to a young generation of artists who have long since ceased to think of the question of traditional ties and modernity as opposites. Instead, his sculptures show that the "old" themes of art are far from exhausted for him: He is always able to gain new, refreshingly subjective perspectives from them.

SIME was trained at the Educational Centre for Applied Art and Design (1985-1987) and later studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (1988-1993). He likes to form his sculptural work based on numerous preparatory drawings. A process in which, as it were, what later takes on plastic form in clay, plaster, wood or bronze is gradually "formed" on drawing paper.

His sculptures are characterised particularly by their clear forms and their reduced mode of representation. The artist concentrates entirely on the essential features of his motifs and abstracts their characteristic features. In doing so, the naturalness of the proportions is always preserved, and the sculptures radiate dynamism and aesthetics.

SIME has been living in Munich as a freelance sculptor since 1999 and is a member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists. He has been awarded several art prizes in Croatia and has recently had more exhibitions throughout Germany.

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