Monika Taffet

The impasto oil paintings of Monika Taffet, born in 1968 in Transylvania (formerly Hungary; today Romania), show influences of traditional genres such as still life and landscape painting. The artist with Hungarian-German roots attended an art high school before moving to Germany in 1986. There she studied at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin under Professor Klaus. In 1996, she even became a master student.

She is a plein air painter and creates all her paintings in nature. Only finishing touches are applied in the studio. She mainly uses oil paints, which she packs and layers on the painting surface. The results are relief-like structures that make the liveliness of the leaves and grasses in the wind and the waves breaking over the edge of the picture perceptible. However, the background colour is applied comparatively thinly, which makes the vegetation in the foreground of the picture stand out even more so that her works become almost three-dimensional.