Portrait of the artist Sabine Wild

Sabine Wild

Sabine Wild was born in 1962 in Padua, Italy, and graduated from different German universities such as Bielefeld, Münster, Cologne and Berlin with a Master of Arts. She is a photographer par excellence. A connoisseur of her oeuvre describes her as following: "What Sabine Wild develops concerning formal solutions and impressionistic resolutions, dematerialisations and plays of light, is decorative in the best sense. Sabine Wild is in the process of creating a new art movement, closely related to photography but charged with the strengths of painting."

Between reality and fiction: Sabine Wild presents with her works her very own perspectives on, for example, the architecture of metropolises such as New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Berlin or Dubai. A photograph is always just the beginning for her fascinating city portraits because Wild then digitally modifies the photos, blurs the contours, varies the colours and adds vertical and horizontal stripes and lines. The digital editing almost makes it seem as if the buildings have been disassembled into individual parts – and yet she never loses the typical character of the motifs.