Portrait of the artist Yess


Lutz Stein (born in 1978) was already famous in his hometown of Halle (Saale), Germany, with his works in urban space, when he began to perfect his art on canvas with the alias "Yess" in 2009. The principal motifs of his painting are letters and character stubs of the present, which Yess gives a life of their own in his paintings. The artist stages, stylistically close to Pop Art, the symbols of our culture and our everyday life in colourful paintings with playfulness and senses of humour. Each of his works is created with infinite precision. Due to the unbelievable density of motifs, Stein's works become small explosions of colour in which the viewer can always discover new details.

Yess lives and works in Albstadt near Stuttgart, Germany. Since 2013, he has regularly participated in group and solo exhibitions in Germany.

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