Maria Zalfen-Lenz

"There is nothing more exciting for me than creative challenges. The variety of art techniques, materials and themes are what make my artwork so productive."

Maria Zalfen-Lenz, born in 1967 in Marmagen, Germany, has been a freelance artist and full-time graphic designer with her own studio for commercial art, illustration, and painting since 1994. Her pictorial preference lies in the depiction of the living. Straightforward and direct - with a clear view of the actual motif.

"VARIOUS" is the title of one of her solo exhibitions - translated: diverse, multiple, multifaceted. Attributes that fully apply to the artist's pictorial works. She offers an impressive range of works in watercolours, scratchings (similar to reverse painting on glass), graphics and oil paintings. For more than 35 years, her artworks have found numerous enthusiasts in changing solo and group exhibitions.