Christine Kremkau:
Picture "Sunflowers" (2020), framed
Proportional view
Picture "Sunflowers" (2020), framed
Christine Kremkau:
Picture "Sunflowers" (2020), framed

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ars mundi Exclusive Edition | limited, 98 copies | numbered | signed | reproduction, Giclée print on handmade paper | framed | passe-partout | glazed | size 50 x 40 cm (h/w)

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Picture "Sunflowers" (2020), framed
Christine Kremkau: Picture "Sunflowers" (2020), framed

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Picture "Sunflowers" (2020), framed

For garden lovers, encountering plants is like a conversation, like an exchange of ideas. Their blossoms are perceived as gifts of nature. That is how the passionate gardener Christine Kremkau draws the motifs for her watercolours using the unique wet-on-wet technique.

Fine Art Giclée on heavy handmade paper. Limited edition of 98 copies, numbered and signed by hand. Motif size 30 x 22 cm (h/w). Sheet size 40 x 32 cm (h/w). Framed in high-quality, silver-coloured solid wood frame with bevel cut passe-partout, glazed. Size 50 x 40 cm (h/w). ars mundi Exclusive Edition.

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Portrait of the artist Christine Kremkau

About Christine Kremkau

The passionate gardener, Christine Kremkau (born in 1941 in Rathenow, Germany) knows how her students feel. As a painter, she draws on this connection to the plants, chooses the most luminous of all techniques, wet-on-wet painting, and shows this brief, biological moment, which is filled with delicacy and colourfulness. Her preferred motifs are flowers and landscapes in many variations.

The works of the expressionist Emil Nolde inspired her, and as a student of the English watercolourist Matt Bruce she matured and followed up with several stays abroad. Numerous exhibitions and publications make her an influential contemporary expressionist.