Gerd Bannuscher:
Picture "Seascape", on stretcher frame
Proportional view
Picture "Seascape", on stretcher frame
Gerd Bannuscher:
Picture "Seascape", on stretcher frame

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limited, 199 copies | numbered | signed | reproduction, Giclée print on canvas | on stretcher frame | size 100 x 80 cm (h/w)

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Picture "Seascape", on stretcher frame
Gerd Bannuscher: Picture "Seascape", on stretcher frame

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Picture "Seascape", on stretcher frame

The artist's connection with the sea is evident in his work, thanks to his origins near the North Sea. Water is the basic prerequisite for life. Life is created in space through the realistic and almost photographic-like depiction of the sea.

Colourful Giclée print on canvas. Limited edition of 199 copies, numbered on the back and signed by the artist. Mounted on a stretcher frame. Size 100 x 80 cm (h/w).

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About Gerd Bannuscher

A moment of eternity, the Northern German painter Gerd Bannuscher captures this timespan in his elaborate paintings. He approaches the essence of things with a fine stroke as if there were more to them than the visible reality. As if there was a message hidden in the image.

The hyperreal presence of the motifs is indelibly heightened by Bannuscher's precision craftsmanship. Cool and shimmering colours with a slightly metallic touch merge with the fine detailed lines. All accentuated by the contrast of light and dark and the many narrative details. In all his works, Bannuscher creates a special, quiet drama that clearly addresses our emotional depth of perception.

The artist, who lives in Eichede, Germany, sees his works not only as an aesthetic but also as a political and social view of life, creating an awareness of the beauty and vulnerability of our planet.

In addition to numerous national and international exhibitions, Bannuscher has been working for the Sultanate of Oman since 2003.