Picture "A Night Meal with Fish and Woman" (Unique piece)
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Picture "A Night Meal with Fish and Woman" (Unique piece)
Picture "A Night Meal with Fish and Woman" (Unique piece)

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unique piece | signed | aquarelle on paper | framed | size 30.5 x 24 cm

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Picture "A Night Meal with Fish and Woman" (Unique piece)
Janosch: Picture "A Night Meal with Fish and Woman" (Uniq...

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Picture "A Night Meal with Fish and Woman" (Unique piece)

Watercolour on paper. Signed. Motif size/sheet size 21 x 18 cm. Size in frame 30.5 x 24 cm as shown.

The picture is titled in German "Ein Nachtmahl mit Fisch und Frau".

Portrait of the artist Janosch

About Janosch

Born in 1931, painter, draughtsman, author, inventor of the "Tigerente" (lit., tiger duck)

Janosch is a phenomenon. He was born in 1931 in Hindenburg (now Zabrze, Poland) in Upper Silesia. Remaining forever young, he has never needed a surname. For many years now, has been giving a damn about the zeitgeist, but rather quietly addresses criticism of contemporary issues. Meanwhile, his fan community continues to grow.

Janosch, who is the friend of all children from the age of 3-100, wrote and illustrated about 290 children's books, published novels in nearly 70 languages, two plays and numerous animated films such as "Janoschs Traumstunde", "Das glückliche Leben des Günter Kastenfrosch" and many more. And he invented the tiger duck.

In the same way that his stories have always been more than just children's books, Janosch is more than just an author and illustrator: Janosch is one of the most creative inventors of worlds and characters. Through his fables, which are full of love for the human and subtle humour, he has become famous and popular all over the world.

But also Janosch's artistic work has a rapidly growing fan base. Janosch has painted over 10,000 paintings in the course of his work, which still continues unabated. His drawings and sculptures have become real crowd-pullers at countless exhibitions throughout Europe. And over and over again, it becomes clear that many people of all ages love Janosch and his art has long been a cult among young and old alike.

He has been showered with awards - the German and French Literature Award, the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Prix Danube, the Zilveren Griffel, the Silver Paintbrush and twice the Bratislava Gold Medal. But the greatest award is probably the immense fanbase of Janosch lovers, both young and old.

Today, Janosch is the best-known children's book artist in the world. He lives and works on the island of Tenerife.