Kay Bojesen:
Set of 2 wooden figurines "Lovebirds"
Kay Bojesen:
Set of 2 wooden figurines "Lovebirds"

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wood | height 8.8 cm each | weight 0.38 kg each | only available as a set

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Set of 2 wooden figurines "Lovebirds"
Kay Bojesen: Set of 2 wooden figurines "Lovebirds"

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Set of 2 wooden figurines "Lovebirds"

Simply to fall in love with the two lovebirds! And therefore also one of the most beautiful gifts for couples and newlyweds.

2 animal figures made of wood (natural and smoked oak). Height 8.8 cm each. Weight 0.38 kg each. Only available as a set.

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Portrait of the artist Kay Bojesen

About Kay Bojesen

1886-1958, Danish designer

Kay Bojesen: The design master of toys: When the trained silversmith became a father in 1919, he discovered a new material for himself: wood. Kay Bojesen remembered how his father used to carve wooden figures for him earlier, encouraging his creativity. In the 1930s, Bojesen created several wooden figures, which all had one thing in common: simple design combined with soft curves. Bojesen's goal was that toys feel good in children's hands and encourage imaginative play. This not only led to the creation of the famous monkey but also birds, an elephant, a zebra, a hippopotamus, a dachshund and an automobile. With over 2000 designs, Kay Bojesen is considered today one of Denmark's great designers.

His secret: minimalist designs with soul. Instead of realistic animal copies with exact details, Bojesen created minimalist figures that he brought to life with reduced forms and precisely chosen proportions. "Lines have to smile" was his motto. And this is exactly where the magic of Kay Bojesen lies: Each of his simple animals sparkles with charm and originality. Moreover, many of his designs contain a humorous note. A hippopotamus whose mouth functions as a pen holder, a monkey who clings to shelves with one arm and the dachshund "Pind", became a cult object with his button eyes. The special charisma of the animals, which seem to have a soul, also arouses great enthusiasm in adults.