Marina Krasnitskaya:
Picture "Dreams of the Sea", on stretcher frame
Proportional view
Picture "Dreams of the Sea", on stretcher frame
Marina Krasnitskaya:
Picture "Dreams of the Sea", on stretcher frame

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ars mundi Exclusive Edition | limited, 199 copies | numbered | signed | reproduction, Giclée print on canvas | stretcher frame | size 50 x 70 cm

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Picture "Dreams of the Sea", on stretcher frame
Marina Krasnitskaya: Picture "Dreams of the Sea", on stre...

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Picture "Dreams of the Sea", on stretcher frame

Krasnitskaya captures understanding, love and absolute devotion in the amber eyes of her female subject. She shows her secure yet vulnerable in the moment of her dreams. This is also achieved through Krasnitskaya's typical technique with dense and transparent pictorial elements. The painter chooses an interior with a view of the sea as a symbol of hope for days of happiness to come - days by the sea.

Reproduced using the Fine Art Giclée process directly on artist's 100% cotton canvas and mounted on stretcher frame. Limited edition 199 copies, numbered and signed by hand on the back. Size 50 x 70 cm (h/w). Exclusively at ars mundi.

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Portrait of the artist Marina Krasnitskaya

About Marina Krasnitskaya

"Painting is not a hobby, a profession or a passion. It is my doppelganger, my conscience, my second self," says painter Marina Krasnitskaya about the daily confrontation with her ideas and artistic visions.

Love, longing, hope: Marina Krasnitskaya makes great emotions the subject of her pictures. The Russian-born painter, who has lived in Germany since 1994, usually lets the emotions take shape in female figures or in abstract images. In her depictions, she combines elements of the folk art of her homeland with her own formal language.

"Picasso said that the work you paint is a way of journaling. That's exactly how I feel: each of my works is like capturing moments full of emotions and feelings. Each painting is deeply personal, each piece is 'me' – in very different forms and colours."

In addition to her work as a graphic designer and web designer, Marina Krasnitskaya maintains and develops the clear, Russian visual language and folk culture in her paintings. Because of their colourfulness, the motifs, which range from cubist to fantastic, are reminiscent of other famous Russian artists such as Malevich or Chagall. Krasnitskaya's paintings are surrounded by a dreamlike aura and set a contemporary monument to Russian fairytale culture and symbolism.