Mats Jonasson:
Glass bowl "Sunflower" (small, Ø approx. 17.5 cm)
Mats Jonasson:
Glass bowl "Sunflower" (small, Ø approx. 17.5 cm)

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handmade | glass | Ø approx. 17.5 cm | height approx. 5 cm

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Glass bowl "Sunflower" (small, Ø approx. 17.5 cm)
Mats Jonasson: Glass bowl "Sunflower" (small, Ø approx. 1...

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Glass bowl "Sunflower" (small, Ø approx. 17.5 cm)

Bring summer into your home with this bright yellow, particularly lifelike flower bowl. Made in the traditional Swedish glassworks Målerås. Small version. Ø approx. 17.5 cm. Height approx. 5 cm.

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Portrait of the artist Mats Jonasson

About Mats Jonasson

Mats Jonasson's world of glass

In modern glass art, tradition, craftsmanship and technology are closely linked. This also applies to one of the most famous masters of this profession, Mats Jonasson, whose works are created in Maleras, Sweden. The Maleras Glasbruk is the testimony to Jonasson's commitment to keeping design and production in the Swedish glassblowing village permanently, despite many counter-offers. His glass art is now world-famous among collectors.

He already proved his artistic talent at the beginning of his professional career in 1959. For many years, he had the opportunity to work with Sweden's most famous glass artists and during this time he developed his special style, which he constantly perfected.

The process of creating a completed glass object is long: it starts with a sketch and leads to a plaster mould and then to an iron mould, which only after extensive post-processing finally results in the casting of the special glass. The resulting blank is sandblasted and polished. Often there is even a second process step where artisans engrave the glass object, which becomes a unique work of art thanks to its extraordinary design.