Bronze is one of the oldest known materials used in sculpture. It is considered a particularly noble material for the production of sculptures and has been used in many styles and epochs. A typical feature of bronze sculptures, apart from their heavy weight, is their patina, which develops through various refinement steps.

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Bronze Sculptures

Bronze is considered a particularly noble and valuable material for the production of sculptures and has been used for many centuries and in all styles and epochs. Developed in India around 5000 years ago, bronze casting was initially used to produce everyday objects such as tools and weapons, as well as jewellery and sculptures. Today, many sculptors use bronze for its special properties in processing. As a manufacturing process for high-quality bronze sculptures, the "Lost-Wax-Process" has established itself in art, as it allows for very fine details and generally guarantees high quality. However, this production method is also very time-consuming and labour-intensive: Casting a blank based on a pre-made model requires at least ten work steps. This blank is then given its final touches by welding, grinding, milling, or chasing. The process is completed by finishing the sculpture's surface with salts, fire, or chemicals to create the desired artificial ageing effect ("patina"). Through one of these finishing techniques, the surface, and thus the entire sculpture, gains its own individual character. Many of the bronze figures we offer here were produced using the Lost-Wax-Process with lost mould by established art foundries.

Here, in the ars mundi shop, you can buy bronze figures from different epochs and choose from a variety of motifs and themes: You will find abstract works as well as depictions of animals, bronze figures for gardens and outdoor areas, and busts. Among the artists who created the originals are many well-known names such as Auguste Rodin, Ernst Barlach, Günter Grass, Käthe Kollwitz, Markus Lüpertz and Emil Nolde. And in all sections, you will always find numerous exclusive ars mundi editions and strictly limited editions.