Spring Copenhagen:
Wooden figure "Lucky the Cat" - Design Chresten Sommer
Spring Copenhagen:
Wooden figure "Lucky the Cat" - Design Chresten Sommer

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wood | plastic | rubber | size 16 x 6 x 6 cm (h/w/d) | movable head

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Wooden figure "Lucky the Cat" - Design Chresten Sommer
Spring Copenhagen: Wooden figure "Lucky the Cat" - Design...

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Wooden figure "Lucky the Cat" - Design Chresten Sommer

The cat Lucky is all yours. Just like any other cat, it has that unique personality and charisma. It adds vitality and character to your window sill as it looks around the room with its true-to-life eyes.

Cute wooden cat made of oak and maple. Eyes and nose are made of plastic, whiskers of natural rubber. Movable head. Size 16 x 6 x 6 cm (h/w/d).

About Spring Copenhagen

Since 2015, Denmark

The Danish design company Spring Copenhagen pursues a clear goal: It wants to contribute to making everyday life inspiring because it is convinced that sophisticated design enriches life. Even though the label only launched in 2015, its DNA is already firmly rooted in traditional Scandinavian design. The most important ingredients? Original ideas, quality and craftsmanship.

This concretely means animal figurines, everyday objects or accessories such as candlesticks made of high-quality processed wood. The most famous example is the "Bird" pepper mill by Sven Erik Toni-Petersen, which was produced in the 1950s and discontinued due to its complex production. Spring Copenhagen brought the classic back on the market in 2015 after more than 50 years.

Anyone who now only thinks that Spring Copenhagen offers minimalist design is wrong. The special thing about Spring Copenhagen is the idea behind almost every design - which can be tongue-in-cheek. Therefore, the brand collaborates with promising designers and idea creators to create products. And at the same time, it revives extraordinary designs of Danish design icons.

Here, visionary ideas are combined with traditional handicrafts because each figure is hand-painted and thus unique.