Susann Ohlendorf:
Picture "Far Away" (2022) (Original / Unique piece), framed
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Picture "Far Away" (2022) (Original / Unique piece), framed
Susann Ohlendorf:
Picture "Far Away" (2022) (Original / Unique piece), framed

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original painting | signed | oil on canvas | on stretcher frame | framed | size 105 x 105 cm

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Picture "Far Away" (2022) (Original / Unique piece), framed
Susann Ohlendorf: Picture "Far Away" (2022) (Original / U...

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Picture "Far Away" (2022) (Original / Unique piece), framed

Original painting 2022, signed on the back. Oil on canvas, stretched on stretcher frame. Stretcher frame size 100 x 100 cm. Framed in silver-coloured solid wood shadow gap frame. Size 105 x 105 cm.

Portrait of the artist Susann Ohlendorf

About Susann Ohlendorf

Susann Ohlendorf, born in 1962, lives and works as a freelance artist in Hanover, Germany. The artist is particularly drawn to the imaginary landscapes of the universe. The wonder worlds of nature, the cosmos with its seas of clouds.

The focus of her artistic work is oil painting. She prefers to apply the paint in layers. The results are lively, organic structures and abstract explosions of colour – far beyond representationalism.

She achieved her international breakthrough with the series of works entitled "Sea of Clouds", which she started in 2000. They are large-format oil paintings dominated by imaginary landscapes. Her works are regularly represented at exhibitions at home and abroad. Critics praise her mastery of craftsmanship as well as her artistic expressiveness. The "musicality" of her colour and light compositions is repeatedly mentioned.

She shares a sense for colour and light effects with the artist William Turner, of whom her paintings are sometimes reminiscent. However, Ohlendorf is not concerned with the depiction of abstracted sensory perception. For her, the image and the fantastic, emotional imagination are of equal rank. "I actually depict feelings – they are often far too complex and multi-layered to be able to put them into words," says the artist. That is how she creates her colour-intensive landscapes of souls and feelings in a mixed technique which she developed herself.