Tom's Drag:
Candlestick Round (large version, height 53 cm)
Tom's Drag:
Candlestick Round (large version, height 53 cm)

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cast | handmade and -painted | height 53 cm | Ø 15,5 cm | weight 1,8 kg | shipping without candle

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Candlestick Round (large version, height 53 cm)
Tom's Drag: Candlestick Round (large version, height 53 cm)

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Candlestick Round (large version, height 53 cm)

The bulbous candlestick in the shape of a column is a guarantor for long, romantic candlelit evenings. The 53 cm high candle holder, is a decorative element and a visual highlight. Hand-painted with great detail and made of polyresin. Large version. Height 53 cm. Diameter 15,5 cm. Weight 1,8 kg. Shipping without candle.

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Portrait of the artist Thomas Hoffmann

About Tom's Drag


Tom's Drag Collection is esprit, charm, eccentric individuality and exuberant joie de vivre. Thomas Hoffmann's works are a true enrichment for people who love the extraordinary because they are beyond convention and conservatism. He lives on in his "drags", as he called his eccentric sculptures. His quirky objects enjoy international recognition.

"Every day, life holds colourful, but also bizarre experiences in all facets ready for us," said the artist Thomas A. (Tom) Hoffmann. The pop artist provided some of these facets: his colourful furniture objects and light sculptures surprise with ingenious details. For example, the mirror is unceremoniously given a crown so that you can feel like a king or queen every day. The dressers get stylish legs – literally! And once you've seen Tom's bouquet full of tulips glowing in the candlelight, it's difficult anymore to wait for spring. With his witty animal sculptures, he stylises cool big-city types - which don't give a damn about trends and fashion gimmicks. Tom designed them as smart, colourful animal figures.

It all started with self-made Christmas presents that the artist designed and assembled in his studio. They were "weird", detailed furniture objects and sculptures with which he runs free in the flower power generation. By now, his eccentric "drags" have turned into a respectable collection of individual, witty and often provocative objects that have one thing in common: they break rigid everyday rules and spread cheer.

In the studios of Tom's Company, unique and unmistakable design objects are still being created. They enrich every living area with their strong colour accents and their almost inexhaustible wealth of facets.