Volker Kühn:
3D Picture "Pretty Minnie", framed
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3D Picture "Pretty Minnie", framed
Volker Kühn:
3D Picture "Pretty Minnie", framed

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handmade | titled | signed | display case frame | glazed | size 29 x 25 x 6 cm (h/w/d)

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3D Picture "Pretty Minnie", framed
Volker Kühn: 3D Picture "Pretty Minnie", framed

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3D Picture "Pretty Minnie", framed

Like a real diva, Minnie poses in front of the mirror, absorbed in contemplating her likeness. Equipped with loving details, the 3D picture is a humorous allusion to the vanity of the popular comic figure.

Each 3D object is elaborately handcrafted, titled and signed by hand in pencil. In solid wood display case frame, glazed. Size 29 x 25 x 6 cm (h/w/d).

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Portrait of the artist Volker Kühn

About Volker Kühn


The object artist Volker Kühn, born in Neuenkirchen, Germany in 1948, became internationally known for his "Small Worlds": Three-dimensionally designed object showcases with poetic life scenarios and plenty of details that make the viewer want to explore and grin. With his works, the artist conveys good-humoured "life impulses": he translates meditative, motivating and humorous quotes, aphorisms and worldly pearls of wisdom into cheerful, optimistic works of art.

Kühn's objects are represented at international fairs, such as the "Art Expo" in New York, and renowned galleries at home and abroad. The artist died in 2023.