Anja Struck:
Picture "Wind Blowing in My Face" (2015)
Proportional view
Picture "Wind Blowing in My Face" (2015)
Anja Struck:
Picture "Wind Blowing in My Face" (2015)

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ars mundi Exclusive Edition | limited, 199 copies | numbered | signed certificate | reproduction on Alu-Dibond behind acrylic glass | size 50 x 120 cm (h/w) | suspension device

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Picture "Wind Blowing in My Face" (2015)
Anja Struck: Picture "Wind Blowing in My Face" (2015)

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Picture "Wind Blowing in My Face" (2015)

The precision of blurriness - Anja Struck is a master of atmospheric staging. That applies, for example, to her works in which she unites people and landscape.
"Wind blowing in my face", which is part of a series of works dealing with the theme of the sea, is an example of this: the dissolution of boundaries, the blurring of motifs, and the emergence of blurriness lead to great atmospheric density. The wind becomes almost palpable.

Reproduction on Alu-Dibond behind 3 mm thick acrylic glass. Limited to 199 copies and numbered. Hand-signed certificate included. Size 50 x 120 cm (h/w). With suspension device. Due to the smooth surface, mirror effects may occur depending on the incidence of light. ars mundi Exclusive Edition.

The Lüneburg artist Anja Struck

About Anja Struck

A master of atmospheric staging

The painter Anja Struck places people at the centre of her work and stages them in landscapes, sequences of movements or portraits. She says that every figure she paints represents her emotional world. "Every work is a piece of myself, unconcealed, naked and honest." Struck achieves the special mood in her paintings through a deliberate blurring: motifs and contours blur and dissolve into veils of colour.

Struck was born in 1961 in Hamburg, Germany. Today she lives and works in Lüneburg. She studied graphics and design, art education and painting under Markus Lüpertz, among others.