Portrait of the artist Hüseyin Arda

Hüseyin Arda

The freelance artist Hüseyin Arda, born in 1969 in Turkey, is best known for his metal sculptures that are welded from small materials. Furthermore, he is famous for his interactive urban space art concepts.

Arda belongs to the Berlin artists' initiative Tacheles and is a co-founder of the Kunsthaus Tacheles in Oranienburger Straße, advocating for its preservation. From 1992 until its final closure in 2013, he ran his studio "Metallwerkstatt Tacheles" there. In addition to his workshop gallery in Berlin, he established another location in Istanbul in 2014.

Hüseyin Arda's works have been presented at numerous group and solo exhibitions in Germany, France, and Turkey, and some of his large-scale works are exhibited in public spaces. German museums such as the Deutsche Historische Museum and the Deutsche Technikmuseum have acquired works by the sculptor, some of which are part of their permanent exhibitions.