Portrait of the artist Wolf Bertram Becker

Wolf Bertram Becker

Undoubtedly, Wolf Bertram Becker's work is linked to the early avant-garde movements. The painting of Paul Cézanne, who strove with his art to transform what he experienced into something visible but also the colour field painting of Mark Rothko, comes to mind while looking at Becker‘s works of art. The German artist from Weimar loves strong colour contrasts which, in combination with an expressive style, translate wandering landscapes and travelled cities into original artistic reality. Whether it is a clear light on a snow-covered mountain peak or the captivating clash of a reflecting water surface and the historic Palazzo in Venice.

Becker succeeds in capturing the atmosphere of a place or the mood of a time of day, even in his abstracted painting style. In doing so, the artist starts with countless sketches and preliminary studies and processes three-dimensional settings, especially landscapes and architectures, according to his own conception of space until he finally brings them onto the two-dimensional canvas.

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