Piero Dorazio


Born in Rome in 1927, Piero Dorazio is considered one of the greatest Italian painters of the second half of the 20th century and an important pioneer of abstraction. Dorazio belonged to the influential Italian artists' association Movimento per l'arte concreta – Concrete Art Movement, which, as the name implies, was dedicated to the manifestation of an abstract-concrete art to counteract the spread of informal painting.

Dorazio's abstract, non-representational imagery is expressed in the constant use of pure unmixed primary colours, which the artist combines with horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines, panels and surfaces to create a constructivist-like structure. The artist creates multicoloured geometric compositions that generate a serene mood despite their strict formalisation. The works of the painter Dorazio can be understood as portals to a Mediterranean world and its unique light, which the viewer is able to enter as soon as he/she has surrendered to the vibrant, shimmering mood of the works.