Allen Jones

Allen Jones, born in Southampton, England, in 1937, is world-famous for his provocative art and the rebellion against British riches. In 1961, his participation in the exhibition "Young Contemporaries" helped English Pop Art to achieve a worldwide breakthrough.

The artist studied at the Royal College of Art. Throughout his artistic career, he has been a guest professor in Hamburg, Florida, Los Angeles and Berlin, and has had numerous exhibitions around the world.

Allen Jones' oeuvre includes spectacular paintings and graphic works, sculptures and photographs, heliogravures and digital prints. His visual language increased from gentle eroticism to a striking, challenging form of expression. For his bronze sculptures, he succeeded to transfer liveliness, light-heartedness, cockiness, even irreverence towards all conventions onto the material.

The value of Jones' works increases inexorably. They mark the worldwide breakthrough of a new concept of art that is oriented towards the real and the factual.