Bernard Kapfer


"If you don't shy away from a difficult task, it will give you beautiful children," is how tongue-in-cheek Bernard Kapfer explains the key to his art.

Born in Paris in 1945, the sculptor studied at the "L'École des Arts Décoratifs" in Nice, where he devoted himself exclusively to painting and drawing for many years before sculpture became the focus of his work.

Kapfer, who lived in Alsace, set out in perfect technique in search of archetypal forms. He oriented his work on the great tradition of the Renaissance. The study of the great masterpieces of this classical period, and their contemporary reinterpretation was his path for the art of the 21st century.

Bernard Kapfer's works are internationally known through numerous exhibitions in France, Monte Carlo, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Hong Kong. The artist passed away in 2021.