Magnus Kleine-Tebbe

The name Kleine-Tebbe stands for the interest in people. While three of the sculptor's siblings work in the medical sector in different specialist areas, Magnus Kleine-Tebbe also devoted himself entirely to the human figure and theme, albeit in an artistic sense.

Magnus Kleine-Tebbe was born in Bremen, Germany, in 1966. He became involved with art at an early age. He spent his youth mainly sketching at the Kunsthalle Bremen. Being the son of an architect benefited him with the ability to draw with perspective and to grasp forms in art and nature.

His studies in Nuremberg at the Academy of Arts under Hans Wimmer's successor, Prof. Uhlig, strengthened Kleine-Tebbe's talent for figurative representation. He confidently developed his style, which skillfully combines the renaissance visual language with modern elements. (Muse from the Bauhaus).

A scholarship during his studies enabled him to spend a long time in the Italian marble town of Carrara, where he was able to deepen and perfect his skills in working with stone.

After his studies, Kleine-Tebbe worked at the Technical University of Braunschweig, where he supervised courses as an assistant to Prof. Weber at the Institute for Elementary Form. During his six years as an assistant, he already received larger commissions for sculptural work and was eventually able to assert himself nationally as an independent sculptor.

Magnus Kleine-Tebbe often dealt with biblical themes and his figures stand out for their strong expressiveness.

Kleine-Tebbe is one of the few artists that work on his sculptures from scratch. From initial sketches to more detailed drawings and small plasticine models, the final shape of his figures finally develops, which he then produces in stone, plaster, wood, terracotta or bronze. Many of his life-size works can be seen in public spaces.

In addition to his sculptural work, Magnus Kleine-Tebbe supervises the masterclasses at the Königslutter Stonemasonry Centre in the classes of drawing, modelling and stylistics.

A brief look at selected works by the sculptor Magnus Kleine-Tebbe in Braunschweig:

"Salbung" (eng.: anointing) (shell limestone) - Timmerlah development area, 38120, Im Sommerfeld.

"Agape and Eros" (wood) - Pockelstr 22, 38106 Braunschweig

"Bathseba" (bronze) - Pockelstr 14, foyer of the Audimax TU

"Laodicea" (marble) - Pockelstr 11, in front of the House of Science

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