Portrait of the artist Thomas Kolenbrander

Thomas Kolenbrander

Thomas Kolenbrander has been working as a photographer for many years with great success and has received several awards for his work. In 2016, his entry in the renowned "Glanzlichter" competition even took first place out of 22,000 submitted photographs from 38 nations.

In addition to pure landscape photography, he also works artistically in the area between experimental photography and collages. Using special shooting techniques and various image processing methods, he creates extraordinary colour-intensive and surreal-looking still lifes. In some of his works, for example, he incorporates the effects of fluorescence photography. "Some flowers that are illuminated with UV light of a certain wavelength give off a unique light. In an elaborate process, the pictures are created in many steps using my very own techniques," Kolenbrander explains his working process. The results are fascinating flower arrangements that appear from a foreign world.

In many of Kolenbrander's works, the symmetrical reproduction of his motifs also plays a major role. Even if objects from nature do not need any intensification, "the visual fireworks of special beauty", as Kolenbrander describes it, are obtained by partly multiple reflections. For each photograph, he focuses on the motif and the moment individually. The extraordinary character of his photographic artworks comes from the artistic processing afterwards, with which he transfers the motifs into a new dimension – or, as he puts it, makes them "powerful, expressive and probably unique in their kind".

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