Hubert Lang

"Art and the art of the landscape unite in Siena and its region to form a symbiosis of harmony and poetry," states a portrait film on the painter and sculptor Hubert Lang (born in 1946). This statement applies perfectly to Lang's art. It is shaped to the core by his decades-long love of Tuscany and the art of the Old Masters - which is especially present.

Lang's preoccupation with the art and landscape of the region has found expression in a large number of works. He has worked as a painter for more than a quarter of a century on "The Road from Castelnuovo Berardenga to Siena". It is an impressive cycle of works that shows him to be an admirer of the Old Masters but also a profound connoisseur of modernism. As a sculptor, he has created a series of expressive bronzes that reduce Tuscany to its basic elements and typical features and which make it clear to the viewer at first glance that only an artist who has experienced and walked through this landscape hundreds, even thousands of times can create them.

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