Ugo Nespolo

"No Futurism, no Dadaism, only Nespolodian, please," the painter Ugo Nespolo, born in Mosso Santa Maria, Italy, in 1941, demands with a twinkle in his eye. One could say that his life and work resemble a game, but a game with depth. The works of Nespolo, who belongs to the international elite of modern art, do not need long explanations and comments. "Art is not the better existence. It is an alternative existence. Nor is it an attempt to escape reality. On the contrary, it is an attempt to breathe life into existence."

Nespolo's work is characterised by a confident style, a joy in clear and bright colours and freedom of execution. No wonder that his paintings, which radiate joie de vivre, are so much in demand and are rewarded on the art market with continually rising prices.

The artist lives and works in Turin.

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