Portrait of the artist Frederic Paul

Frederic Paul

In the delicate, poetic works of the painter Frederic Paul, his Asian roots are just as recognisable as his great talent for capturing feelings and emotions on canvas.

Paul's style is confident and unmistakable. The intricate yet effortless-looking layers consist of a variety of media. These include Chinese rice paper, acrylic and oil paints. Paul's pictures exude positivity, organicity and vibrancy, and through their three-dimensionality and depth, convey a sense of life.

Born in 1993 into a family of artists in Munich, Germany, Paul expresses his connection to his roots in the Philippines. His works are abstract and inspired by the beauty of nature. Raw Chinese rice paper is coloured with pigments and ink and then dried. Each individual sheet is hand-shaped and a unique piece. The individual sheets are collaged and then layered and refined with oil colours. This process imparts a distinctive character, expressiveness and depth to the artworks.

While the young artist lives and works in Würzburg, Germany, he has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions around the world. Paul's works are collected in Germany, London, Belgium, France, Russia, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Sweden, the Philippines and the USA.