David Gerstein:
3D wall sculpture "Lipstick" (2015)
David Gerstein:
3D wall sculpture "Lipstick" (2015)

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limited, 150 copies | signed | aluminium in 4 layers | hand-painted | size 72 x 80 cm (h/w)

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3D wall sculpture "Lipstick" (2015)
David Gerstein: 3D wall sculpture "Lipstick" (2015)

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3D wall sculpture "Lipstick" (2015)

The spatial effect of his three-dimensional wall objects made of metal is enhanced by the play of light and shadow so that they practically "come to life". They are hand-painted by the artist and are unique pieces that, with their cheerfulness and optimism, set small monuments to the individual in modern urban space.

Three-dimensional wall sculpture made of hand-painted aluminium in four superimposed layers. Limited edition 150 copies, signed by hand. Size 72 x 80 cm (h/w).

Portrait of the artist David Gerstein

About David Gerstein

The Israeli artist David Gerstein (born in 1944 in Jerusalem) studied art in Paris and New York. He is one of the most important contemporary sculptors not only in his home country but is also an internationally established figure. Since 1972 he held numerous solo and group exhibitions internationally and is also working as a lecturer.

Fascinated by novelty as well as the unusual, he breaks with known norms and develops his very own signature style by combining the most diverse stylistic elements. Gerstein's works of art and three-dimensional metal objects are lively colourful fireworks of strong expressiveness that tell little stories – inspired by life. Unconventional and witty.