Ekaterina Moré:
Picture "White Calla Lilly" (2017)
Proportional view
Picture "White Calla Lilly" (2017)
Ekaterina Moré:
Picture "White Calla Lilly" (2017)

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ars mundi Exclusive Edition | limited, 70 copies | numbered | signed certificate | reproduction on aluminium plate behind acrylic glass | size 90 x 63 x 3 cm (h/w/d)

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Picture "White Calla Lilly" (2017)
Ekaterina Moré: Picture "White Calla Lilly" (2017)

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Picture "White Calla Lilly" (2017)

In Moré's "White Calla Lilly", three beauties compete with each other - and it is impossible to decide which one surpasses the others.

Reproduction behind 3 mm thick acrylic glass on an aluminium plate. Limited to 70 copies and numbered. Signed certificate included. Size 90 x 63 x 3 cm (h/w/d). Due to the smooth surface, mirror effects may occur depending on the incidence of light. ars mundi Exclusive Edition.

Portrait of the artist Ekaterina Moré

About Ekaterina Moré

Ekaterina Moré grew up in a Russian family of artists and was born in Saint Petersburg in 1976. She grew up in east Russia, on the Kamchatka Peninsula and in Vladivostok. Since 1995, the artist moved to Rhineland, Germany, with her husband and young daughter.

However, Ekaterina Moré still dreams about the nature of the subarctic zone of her home country. The intense atmospheric colours of this remote region fuel her imagination. Like Tenerife, the soil there is volcanic black and the short summers are full of blossoms, says the painter. Moré likes to work with such strong colour contrasts.

Ekaterina Moré's main theme is the role of women in the modern world. Her paintings spread optimism, joie de vivre and positive energy. A model for the artist's typological stylisations is the Art Deco painter Tamara de Lempicka. However, in contrast to Lempicka’s figures, Ekaterina Moré's protagonists do not appear cold but convey an emotional warmth.

Ekaterina Moré's painting speaks directly to people, regardless of their cultural background. Her works are already part of collections in many countries around the world.