Émile Bernard:
Picture "The Harvest" (1888), framed
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Picture "The Harvest" (1888), framed
Émile Bernard:
Picture "The Harvest" (1888), framed

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ars mundi Exclusive Edition | limited, 499 copies | reproduction, Giclée print on canvas | on stretcher frame | framed | size approx. 70 x 55 cm (h/w)

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Picture "The Harvest" (1888), framed
Émile Bernard: Picture "The Harvest" (1888), framed


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Picture "The Harvest" (1888), framed

Original: Oil on wood, Musée d'Orsay, Paris. He painted this piece of art in the year of his first encounter with Paul Gauguin. Bernard shows the landscape of Brittany as a composition of clearly delineated areas, from which the figures, which appear equally flat and silhouetted, barely emerge.

Reproduction in Fine Art Giclée print directly on artist's canvas and mounted on a stretcher frame. Framed in a solid wood frame. Limited edition 499 copies. Size approx. 70 x 55 cm (h/w). ars mundi Exclusive Edition.

About Émile Bernard


Émile Bernard lived and worked right at the height of modern art development at the end of the 19th century. He had artistic friendships with van Gogh (whose posthumous recognition he later intensively promoted), Gauguin and later, he formed an intense friendship with Cézanne.

Like van Gogh, Bernard was enthusiastic about Japanese woodblock prints and claimed that he, not Gauguin, developed Cloisonism - a painting technique comparable to medieval stained-glass windows in which the subject is presented in sharply defined fields of colour. The dispute over this question permanently divided the two artists.