Janos Schaab:
Picture "venus_01_s3" (2013)
Janos Schaab:
Picture "venus_01_s3" (2013)

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limited, 99 copies | numbered | signed | dated | titled | mixed media | size 22 x 22 cm

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Picture "venus_01_s3" (2013)
Janos Schaab: Picture "venus_01_s3" (2013)

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Picture "venus_01_s3" (2013)

Mixed Media_Swiss CDF, 2013. 99 copies, each copy is a serial unique piece, signed, dated, numbered and titled on the back. Size: 22 x 22 cm.

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About Janos Schaab

Janos Schaab was born in 1960 in Hungary and belongs to the generation of artists that are strongly influenced by American Pop Art of the 1960s. However, Schaab does not simply imitate. He has developed his personal style through involvement with this art movement. His style is characterised by strong reductions in form and colour.

His motifs are historical and contemporary people, sometimes also architecture, all of which are icons of our time. He translates images from different media, which have imprinted themselves into the collective memory of the present, into grid points or lines. Despite or precisely because of these reductions, the artist succeeds in transferring the magic of the represented onto the canvas. Decisive for the effect of his works, apart from the technique, is the selection of the picture detail. The artist describes finding the perfect moment to be depicted as the most labour-intensive phase in the pictorial process.

Most of his works are exclusively in black and white; occasionally, Schaab accentuates selected parts of the picture through the restrained use of colour. From a distance, his paintings look almost like photographs. But the effect is even more surprising up close.

Janos Schaab's paintings part of national and international collections.