Mixed Media

In the section "Mixed Media", you will find works in which the artists have used several painting and drawing techniques or different materials. Mixed media techniques achieve unique pictorial effects that could not be achieved with just one painting method. Colours that can be combined well are, for example, oil paints, acrylics and aquarelle or pencils, coloured pencils, and chalk.

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Mixed Media

Mixed Media: A Combination of Different Painting and Drawing Techniques

Often in the visual arts, artists use only one technique for their artworks, for example, oil, acrylic, pastels or drawing pencils. However, many artists combine several different methods or even entire genres in their works. In this section, the term "mixed media" covers works in which more than one painting or drawing technique has been used or – as in a collage – other materials have been added to the picture. Mixed media painting is not bound to a specific artistic epoch but has evolved over many centuries. Today it is part of the common repertoire in the visual arts. Throughout history, numerous significant artists have worked with mixed media, for example, Otto Dix, Joseph Beuys, Salvador Dalí and Damien Hirst.

Mixed Media Painting: Using Different Materials to Create a Special Work of Art

Mixed media in painting primarily means playing with different colour pastes, pigments, and pencils. In addition to oil paints, acrylic is often used in mixed media. However, artists also like to experiment with other techniques such as gouache, watercolour, ink, spray paint or Indian ink. In addition to wet or liquid colours, artists often use pencils, coloured pencils, crayons, or wax crayons for their mixed-media paintings. Each of these painting or drawing techniques has its advantages and special characteristics. The colours can be mixed, painted over, or applied equally next to each other. By combining two or more colours, the artists achieve effects that they would not be able to achieve with just one technique, for example, special colour intensity or a special surface structure. However, not all colours are compatible, and the order of application must be followed very carefully. In addition, the different pastes usually need very different times to dry and do not all adhere equally well to the same painting surface. Mixed media can also include works that are created as collages. In this case, other materials are added to the colours and incorporated into the picture, for example, sand, fabrics, paper, ash, or wax, or even newspaper cuttings or photographs. Finally, the works can be fixed with varnishes and glazes.

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