Klaus Börner:
Trilogy "Italy Journey I-III"
Klaus Börner:
Trilogy "Italy Journey I-III"

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handmade | signed | slate + bronze | size each 20 x 15 cm | weight each approx. 2.5 kg | suspension device

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Trilogy "Italy Journey I-III"
Klaus Börner: Trilogy "Italy Journey I-III"

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Trilogy "Italy Journey I-III"

There are only a few elements that Klaus Börner brings together in his unmistakable pictorial objects - the sun, a tree, a distant copse, and a passing bird. And yet he succeeds in precisely depicting the character of a landscape with minimalist charm.

The trained goldsmith and sculptor works semi-sculptural elements of patinated bronze into a finely structured slate slab, which gives the object an astonishing spatial depth and, at the same time, as colour composition, captures the evening light of a progressing sunset most impressively (an effect that makes an arrangement of all three objects an expressive total work of art). The model for the colouring of the sun was a snakeskin jasper from the artist's collection.

Three wall objects are made of slate and bronze. Each piece is a unique piece signed by the artist. Size 20 x 15 cm each, weight approx. 2.5 kg each. With suspension device. Catalogue raisonné 445/450/455.

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Portrait of the artist Klaus Börner

About Klaus Börner

Born in 1951 in Hildesheim, Germany, the goldsmith and sculptor Klaus Börner is a loner, an individualist, and a solitary artist who does not subscribe to the current and quickly forgotten art trends but instead follows his own way, close to nature.

Börner uses mainly slate for his unmistakable objects. He combines the small rectangular slate panels with materials such as bronze, steel, brass and sapphires. They combine with the fine lines carved into the slate to create enchanting landscape impressions. The compositions consist of a few pictorial elements, such as trees or animals, allowing a lot of room for imagination.