Lars Teichmann:
Picture "Red-Queen-II" (2021) (Unique piece)
Lars Teichmann:
Picture "Red-Queen-II" (2021) (Unique piece)

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unique piece | signed | acrylic and lacquer on canvas | unframed | size 200 x 160 cm

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Picture "Red-Queen-II" (2021) (Unique piece)
Lars Teichmann: Picture "Red-Queen-II" (2021) (Unique piece)

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Picture "Red-Queen-II" (2021) (Unique piece)

Acrylic and lacquer on canvas, 2021. Signed. Unframed. Size stretched on stretcher frame 200 x 160 cm.

Der deutsche Maler Lars Teichmann lässt in seinen großformatigen Gemälden historische Malerei und zeitgenössische Attitüde aufeinanderprallen

About Lars Teichmann

The German painter Lars Teichmann combines historical painting and contemporary attitude for his large-format paintings. The starting points for his works are usually motifs from past epochs such as classicism or baroque.

He subjects the opulent depictions to a radical and expressive treatment process. Teichmann abstracts and narrows the figures down to their contours. He also deprives the pictures of their colour variety, adds streaks and blobs of colour and almost always covers the faces with white paint. In this way, he is able to open up completely new perspectives on existing works and entire subjects. He questions our traditional viewing habits.

Lars Teichmann learned the professional tools of the trade for his highly independent visual worlds during his studies of fine arts at the Berlin University of the Arts. Since 2004, his works have been regularly exhibited in German and European galleries and art houses.