Hermitage, St. Petersburg

The history of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg dates back to 1764 when Catherine II of Russia acquired a collection of 225 paintings and built an art chamber called the Hermitage for its safekeeping.

Today, the collection of the Hermitage has grown exponentially and is now spread over five building complexes. It is said that the collection contains over three million objects, about 65,000 of which are currently on display in over 350 rooms. The exhibits range from archaeological artefacts to works of contemporary art, and visitors can even visit the magnificent halls from the tsarist era. The Hermitage is not only home to one of the most valuable art collections worldwide, but it also features its orchestra and a theatre hall for opera, ballet, and concerts. The Hermitage employs about 2,500 people and is sponsored by support associations from all over the world.

All of the originals of these works are on display at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.