Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

Unique art and cultural treasures housed in an impressive monumental building - this combination is what gives the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna its reputation as a popular tourist attraction and one of the most outstanding exhibition houses in the world. The holdings are divided thematically into five large collections: a painting gallery with masterpieces from the 15th to the 18th century, an Egyptian-Oriental collection with numerous archaeological finds and artefacts, an antiquities department with objects from the 3rd millennium BC to around 1000 AD, a Kunstkammer with an encyclopaedic universal collection and a Münzkammer. This extensive collection can be traced back to centuries of collecting by the Habsburg family. In 1891, this collection moved into the Kunsthistorisches Museum, which opened after 20 years of construction. Today, in addition to the main building in Vienna, other locations belong to the Kunsthistorisches Museum, e.g. the Neue Burg, the Hofburg, Schönbrunn Palace and Ambras Palace in Innsbruck.

All of the originals of these works are on display at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.