Munch-Museum, Oslo

The Munch-Museum in Oslo is one of the few museums in the world devoted exclusively to a single artist - the Norwegian painter, graphic artist, and sculptor Edvard Munch. The museum's collection contains large parts of his complete works, with 1,150 original paintings, 18,000 prints, 7,700 drawings, watercolours, and 13 of his few sculptures. Furthermore, the collection includes 500 printing plates and over 2,000 other personal objects such as books, diaries, letters, photographs, painting utensils and furnishings. Munch himself had instructed in his will that his entire estate should be handed over to the city of Oslo. The Munch-Museum was built in the Oslo district of Tøyen for the extraordinarily extensive collection and opened in 1963. Since this building has meanwhile become too small and is in a structurally desolate state, the collection of the Munch Museum moved to a modern and significantly larger new building in Oslo harbour in 2021.

All of the originals of these works are on display at the Munch Museum.