Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is dedicated to the Dutch painter who majorly influenced 20th-century art and created some of the most famous paintings of all time. Only in this museum, visitors can admire this many works by Vincent van Gogh under one roof - a total of 200 paintings and 500 drawings from all his creative phases, including "Sunflowers", "The Potato Eaters", and "Self-Portrait as Painter". The house's collection also includes numerous letters written by van Gogh as well as a selection of works by other artists that his brother Theo had started to assemble, which is still gradually expanded through acquisitions. The complete collection is managed by the Vincent van Gogh Foundation, founded in 1960, which also opened the Van Gogh Museum in 1973. Currently, around two million people visit the museum every year.

The originals of the artworks shown here are on display at the Van Gogh Museum.