Robert Delaunay:
Picture "The Towers of Laon" (1912), framed
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Picture "The Towers of Laon" (1912), framed
Robert Delaunay:
Picture "The Towers of Laon" (1912), framed

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limited, 499 copies | numbered certificate | reproduction, Giclée print on canvas | stretcher frame | studio framing | size 64 x 74 cm

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Picture "The Towers of Laon" (1912), framed
Robert Delaunay: Picture "The Towers of Laon" (1912), framed

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Picture "The Towers of Laon" (1912), framed

Delaunay did his military service in the small northern French town of Laon with its legendary architectural monuments. The proximity to his Eiffel Tower series is still recognisable. But the coloured areas of the landscape are already almost in one plane. A prelude to the "Fenêtre" pictures.
Original: 1912, oil on canvas, Kunsthalle Hamburg.

Brilliant Reproduced using the Fine Art Giclée process directly on an artist's canvas (100% cotton), on a stretcher frame. Valuable solid wood framing in silver with a shadow gap. Limited to 499 copies, with a numbered certificate. Size 64 x 74 cm.

About Robert Delaunay


Inspired early on by the Neo-Impressionism of Georges Seurat, the Frenchman Robert Delaunay (1885-1941) started to paint together with the group "Der Blaue Reiter" in 1911. At the first exhibition of the artists' group from Munich, he even sold the most paintings of all.

In contrast to Kandinsky, Delaunay focused on light. His window paintings, the "Fenêtre", led him to what Guillaume Apollinaire later named "Orphism": vibrating areas of colour are shaping the form to be depicted. It was during this period that Delaunay finally rejected Abstract Cubism.

In 1912, the "Formes circulaires" which were a further development of his "Fenêtre" series, marked the beginning of abstract painting in France.