How to Hang Pictures Correctly

A beautiful picture that you particularly like and that gives you joy day after day enriches your home. And once you have discovered art, it usually doesn't stop at one picture or one artist.

We often get the question:

  • Which pictures can I combine?
  • Does the work of one artist go well with that of another?
  • How can I arrange several pictures on one wall to achieve an optimal effect?

Here are a few helpful tips

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Generally, any painting can be combined with another.

However, you should make sure that particularly colour-intensive or expressive pictures are not hung right next to each other. (The alternation of discreet and strong motifs creates the perfect mix). 

The art of perfectly arranging pictures is actually not considered art if you understand what is important.

Different sizes, frames and motifs can be combined to create a harmonious whole.

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Don't hang your pictures too high!

"Eye level" is the correct height: 150 cm from the centre to the floor. This is particularly important for motifs that are very elaborate in detail. Therefore the subtleties can only be grasped at eye level.

Framing and passe-partout can effectively enhance the radiance of a picture.

You can "compose" a picture into your room by choosing the motif or colour - in other words: works of art can not only blend harmoniously into your furnishings but also have a decisive influence on them.

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Another way of placing pictures is the Petersburg hanging.

The Petersburg hanging is named after its location, the Petersburg Hermitage. This type of hanging describes placing many pictures very close to each other and high up on a wall.

A helpful aid are the imaginary horizontal and vertical lines to which the pictures are assigned.

The examples that are shown here demonstrate that the visual order allows each picture to unfold its full expressive power.

Whatever arrangement of picture hanging you may choose - we wish you a visual experience and daily viewing pleasure!