Sorina von Keyserling:
Sculpture "Letting Go", bronze
Sorina von Keyserling:
Sculpture "Letting Go", bronze

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ars mundi Exclusive Edition | limited, 49 copies | numbered | signed | hallmarked | certificate | bronze | chased | polished | patinated | size approx. 17.5 x 15.5 x 26 cm (h/w/d) | weight approx. 5 kg

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Sculpture "Letting Go", bronze
Sorina von Keyserling: Sculpture "Letting Go", bronze


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Sculpture "Letting Go", bronze

Sculpture in fine bronze, cast using the Lost-Wax-Process, chiselled by hand, polished and patinated. Limited edition of 49 copies, numbered, signed and hallmarked with the foundry and ars mundi stamp. With numbered certificate of authenticity and limitation. Size approx. 17.5 x 15.5 x 26 cm (h/w/d). Weight approx. 5 kg. ars mundi Exclusive Edition.

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About Sorina von Keyserling

Focused on humanity: German sculptor Sorina von Keyserling (born in 1972) has found her artistic emphasis in depictions of humans. It is the connection between a person's essence and their outward appearance that fascinates her and that she explores in her works. In doing so, she does not want to portray her characters in special exceptional situations but instead concentrates on quiet and intimate moments.

To make her portraits appear as authentic as possible, she closely adheres to the real proportions when shaping them. Her design aims neither to beautify nor idealise, so as not to divert attention from the actual and typical features of her models.

Sorina von Keyserling has been working as a freelance sculptor since 2009; she lives and works in Berlin. Since 2011, she has presented her works in exhibitions and also takes on commissions.