Portrait of the artist Akte One

Akte One

Akte One (born in 1978, in Berlin) and his crew TLB have been one of the leading graffiti artists in the street art metropolis of Berlin since the early 1990s. At the same time, he began to devote himself to creating works on canvas. His works are still strongly characterised by typography. Akte One transfers the stylistic characteristics of street graffiti onto the canvas in an abstract way. Through the intensive manipulation of the canvas, expressive and gestural application of paint, combined with meticulously executed marker drawings, the artist creates multilayered visual worlds that do not conceal their origins. The fact that humour plays an important role for Akte One is shown by the comic characters who appear regularly in his work.

In the "Innaframes" series, he experiments with a framed picture within the picture, combining typographic elements with figurative depictions in the style of Pop Art.

Akte One is a painter, visual artist and even a successful musician. His work encompasses a broad spectrum of hip-hop culture. His works on canvas are thus part of an entire oeuvre through which the artist constantly carries this culture forward.