Holger Mühlbauer-Gardemin:
Picture "VW Bulli" (2023)
Proportional view
Picture "VW Bulli" (2023)
Holger Mühlbauer-Gardemin:
Picture "VW Bulli" (2023)

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ars mundi Exclusive Edition | limited, 199 copies | numbered | signed certificate | reproduction on Alu-Dibond behind acrylic glass | size 80 x 80 cm | suspension device

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Picture "VW Bulli" (2023)
Holger Mühlbauer-Gardemin: Picture "VW Bulli" (2023)

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Picture "VW Bulli" (2023)

Original: 2023, mixed media on canvas, 120 x 120 cm.

Edition behind 3 mm thick acrylic glass on aluminium plate. Limited to 199 copies and numbered. Includes hand-signed certificate. Size 80 x 80 cm. With suspension device. Due to the smooth surface, mirror effects may occur depending on the incidence of light. ars mundi Exclusive Edition.

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Portrait of the artist Holger Mühlbauer-Gardemin

About Holger Mühlbauer-Gardemin

Holger Mühlbauer-Gardemin is considered a promising newcomer in the art scene. He completed his studies in art painting and graphic design in Bremen and subsequently worked in various agencies and publishing houses. Since 1996, he has been working as a freelance artist.

His style merges well-known art movements and creates something unprecedented. His technique of combining painting with digital art is new and modern. "His art invites reflection, is entertaining, provocative, and equally evokes a smile." Since the Hannover Kunstschau in November 2017, Holger Mühlbauer-Gardemin has become a recognised figure in the art scene.