Käthe Kollwitz:
Sculpture "Farewell" (1940/41), bronze
Käthe Kollwitz:
Sculpture "Farewell" (1940/41), bronze

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ars mundi Exclusive Edition | limited, 980 copies | numbered | signature | foundry hallmark | certificate | bronze | patinated | size 21 x 13.5 x 11.5 cm (h/w/d) | weight approx. 3.5 kg

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Sculpture "Farewell" (1940/41), bronze
Käthe Kollwitz: Sculpture "Farewell" (1940/41), bronze


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Sculpture "Farewell" (1940/41), bronze

Käthe Kollwitz (1867-1945) was often perceived as a social, even politically motivated artist. She repeatedly used her work to give the poor and the oppressed a voice. Kollwitz insisted on humanity even in inhumane times. That on its own was a political position. Her importance up to the present day, however, is based on the fact that she never worked in a striking way, but at the same time lent her figures an intimacy that virtually precludes viewing them as one-dimensional "symbols" or "examples".

The central work from her late career, "Farewell" from 1940/41, is another example of this. With this work, the artist processes the pain of the death of her partner of more than half a century, Karl Kollwitz, who died in 1940. The motif of the embrace can be found many times in Kollwitz's work. With this work, she shapes the embrace into an image of great closeness and intimacy at the moment of loss. It is a work of small gestures: while she is still clinging onto him, he detaches himself from her - it is a leaving, but also a letting go, perhaps also the moment of acceptance of the inevitable.

Sculpture in fine bronze, patinated. Cast by hand using the Lost-Wax-Process. Directly moulded from the original and enlarged. Limited edition of 980 copies, individually numbered and with the signature taken from the museum original as well as the foundry hallmark. With numbered certificate of authenticity and limitation. Size 21 x 13.5 x 11.5 cm (h/w/d). Weight approx. 3.5 kg. ars mundi Exclusive Edition.

About Käthe Kollwitz

The German graphic artist, painter and sculptor Käthe Kollwitz (1867, Königsberg – 1945, Moritzburg) is considered one of the most important women and artists of the 20th century. Käthe Kollwitz worked on themes that shaped her generation. This resulted in a large oeuvre of prints and drawings that dealt with both cheerful and negative subjects.

In 1898, she achieved a breakthrough with her etchings and lithographs at the great Berlin Art Exhibition. The artist made it her mission to draw attention to injustices and discrimination.