3D Pictures

With 3D artworks, artists open the viewer's gaze to the third dimension, achieving a new form of plasticity and consciously playing with the levels of perception. Here, you can discover 3D art in a carefully curated selection with high-quality reproductions and many hand-signed originals.

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3D Artworks

Three-Dimensional Pictures With an Extraordinary Depth

In essence, any artistically created, three-dimensional object can be described as 3D art. Three-dimensional works of art, therefore, also include sculptures, interiors, or jewellery. However, paintings are usually not three-dimensional: While artists strive to create the most realistic sense of depth possible through the play of light and shadow, traditional paintings ultimately always remain two-dimensional works. The 3D artworks from our carefully curated selection are different: These are truly three-dimensional pictures where the third dimension is added by an additional layer of depth. With their 3D visual art, artists turn the viewer's usual perception upside down, creating completely new, fascinating visual compositions that open the eye to the new and extraordinary.

Wide Selection of 3D Art at ars mundi

At ars mundi, you will discover a fascinating selection of 3D artworks and 3D pictorial art. These include, for example, Volker Kühn's handcrafted 3D pictures, which showcase a miniature fragment of reality. These works are signed and titled by hand in pencil. In addition to such originals/unique pieces, you will also find high-quality reproductions in limited editions. These include, for example, the 3D paintings by Pop Art artist James Rizzi. We also offer limited edition originals and serialised unique pieces by Alex Krull, Ben Buechner and Ralf Birkelbach. The works typically already come with a high-quality frame and are glass protection to provide the best possible protection and presentation for the 3D artwork, which is often made up of many small individual parts.

Discover How 3D Paintings Fit in Your Home

To ensure that artistic 3D pictures look their best, it is important to choose the right dimensions. For this purpose, we provide a special service for you: Through our interior display feature, you can get a good impression of how the respective 3D artwork will look in a furnished room. If you wish, you can even upload a picture of your own interior design to realistically check whether the work suits you and your home.

Other services that we always guarantee at ars mundi include short delivery times and optimal delivery conditions. Moreover, we are always available to assist you with any questions you may have. Trust in our many years of expertise in the field of art - we are constantly exploring studios, galleries, and exhibitions throughout the year to inspire you with our selection of artworks.