Happy Birthday, Loriot!


Loriot's "The Knight of Flowers" on the Occasion of His 100th Birthday

Bernhard-Viktor Christoph-Carl von Bülow was born on 12 November 1923 in Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany. At the end of this year, we celebrate his 100th birthday. Even during his lifetime, he was a legend of the century as the humourist "Loriot". And there is a technical reason for this. Loriot worked with great precision. He was a precision engineer of humour who mastered the accurate mark of a caricature, the "timing" of a sketch or the setting of a punch line like no other.
b For Loriot, precision included sensitivity. Loriot observed closely, and out of this observation, he developed a sense for the comical that lies just a touch away from the seemingly normal, the accepted. Loriot loved people by making us laugh at them. Especially the slightly peculiar ones.

Loriot's 100th birthday is a special occasion for us to publish the exclusive anniversary edition of his The Knight of Flowers.

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Loriot: "The Knight of Flowers"

Special features of this edition

  • Sculpture in fine bronze, cast using the Lost-Wax-Process, chiselled by hand, polished and patinated.
  • Limited edition of 980 copies, numbered, signed and hallmarked with the foundry and ars mundi stamp.
  • With numbered certificate of authenticity and limitation.
  • Size approx. 27 x 15 x 14 cm (H/B/T). Weight approx. 6,3 kg.
  • • ars mundi Exclusive Edition

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