Happy Birthday, Loriot!


Loriot's "The Knight of Flowers" on the Occasion of His 100th Birthday

Bernhard-Viktor Christoph-Carl von Bülow was born on 12 November 1923 in Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany. At the end of this year, we celebrate his 100th birthday. . As the humorist "Loriot", he was a legend of the century even during his lifetime. And there is a technical reason for this. Loriot worked with great precision. He was a precision worker of humour who mastered the accurate stroke of a caricature, the "timing" of a sketch or the setting of a punch line like no other.
Sensitivity was an essential part of Loriot's precise work. Loriot observed closely, and out of this observation, he developed a sense for the comical that lies just a touch away from the seemingly normal, the accepted. Loriot loved people by making us laugh about them. Especially the slightly peculiar ones.

Loriot's 100th birthday is a special occasion for us to publish the exclusive anniversary edition of his The Knight of Flowers.

Loriot: "The Knight of Flowers"

Special features of this edition

  • Sculpture in fine bronze, cast using the Lost-Wax-Process, chiselled by hand, polished and patinated.
  • Limited edition of 980 copies, numbered, signed and hallmarked with the foundry and ars mundi stamp.
  • With numbered certificate of authenticity and limitation.
  • Size approx. 27 x 15 x 14 cm (h/w/d). Weight approx. 6,3 kg.
  • • ars mundi Exclusive Edition

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