The joy of small things, the return to the private sphere, the contemplation of cosiness, simplicity, and the familiar - all this is the focus of the Biedermeier epoch, which shaped the German art scene in the 19th century. Here you can buy high-quality reproductions of famous Biedermeier pictures.



Biedermeier Artworks - Inner Contemplation as a Reaction to External Unrest

For a long time, works of art from the Biedermeier period were considered petit bourgeois, homely and almost a little kitschy. Today, people take a much more differentiated view of pictures, which often seem realistic only at first glance. The return to the domestic, traditional environment, the focus on genre, landscape and portrait painting - placed in the historical context of the time, seems quite logical. Political unrest marked the years before Biedermeier came into being. When the troubles calmed down, the inner longing for peace, quiet, and comfort could finally be satisfied - and therefore became popular motifs in art. Biedermeier pictures take us to romantic woodland landscapes where lovers enjoy the peace and quiet on an innocent stroll. In idyllic alleys where postmen go about their daily business. Or in cosy parlours where families celebrate being together.

Famous Biedermeier Paintings - from Carl Spitzweg to Friedrich Gauermann

On closer inspection, the seemingly realistic depictions of motifs in Biedermeier pictures have an inherent idealising component. This reveals that there were countless overlaps between the Biedermeier and Romantic eras. Accordingly, many famous artists from this period are quite at home in both styles. One of the most prominent examples of this is Carl Spitzweg. The German painter's works are classified as belonging to both the Late Romantic and the Biedermeier periods. Today, many of his works are symbolic of the depictions of the contemporary bourgeois milieu, in which numerous homely-looking scenes are taken up that have a calming and grounding aura. Other famous exponents of the Biedermeier period, such as Friedrich Gauermann, Josef Kriehuber or Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, also managed to bring this impressive interweaving of realistic, everyday depiction and idealising stylisation of the private and homely onto canvas in an unforgettable way.

Buying Biedermeier Paintings - High-Quality Replicas in Limited Quantities

The great painters of the Biedermeier period usually painted their originals in oil on wood or canvas. Today, these impressive masterpieces can be discovered in various museums. Many Biedermeier pictures, with their contemplative calm and focus on the private sphere, are currently in great demand in these turbulent and quite demanding times. If you would like to enjoy the calming effect of the paintings not only in the Salzburg Museum or the Neue Pinakothek in Munich but also in your own home, you can buy a carefully compiled selection of Biedermeier pictures from us. Produced as high-quality reproductions using the most modern techniques, many of them are limited editions with a limited number of pieces.