Museum Replicas

Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh, and Carl Spitzweg all created their masterpieces as unmistakable unique pieces. Today, these artworks can be found in the world's most famous museums. With the museum replicas from ars mundi, you can bring the most famous paintings in art history into your home - as elaborate reproductions that are almost indistinguishable from the original.

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Museum Replicas

Museum Replicas - The Art of Imitation

The practice of copying famous paintings has a long tradition in art. Even during artistic training, making study copies is a widespread technique to gain practical knowledge and develop a personal style. Many artists even made copies of their own works. These reproductions were often made at the request of clients. For many artists, such commissioned replicas from their own hands were a lucrative source of income. Thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to produce replicas of museum paintings - using innovative methods which make the originals almost indistinguishable from the imitations. You can find such museum replicas in our selection - of course, authorised and marked with appropriate certifications.

With up to 140 Colour Applications - Elaborate Reproductions in the Museum Replica Shop

When you order a lavish reproduction in our Museum Replica Shop, you can be sure that the copy will barely differ from the original. Such perfect reproductions of great works by Jan Brueghel the Elder, Rachel Ruysch or August Macke are created as Dietz Offizin. Original artist colours are used, applied in up to 140 different colour applications on the same surface that the artist used. This creates a true-to-the-original reproduction that accurately reproduces the motif and the colouring, as well as showing the relief-like structure and the pastiness of the paint structure of the original. In fact, these museum replicas are so faithful to the originals that they have to be provided with a security note. However, this does not interfere with the optics, as it is only visible under X-ray light. In addition to Dietz replicas, we offer museum replicas as Giclée prints, which are digitally printed and then refined.

Museum Replicas in Limited Editions - Collectors' Items for Art Lovers

While there is usually only one original of the masterpieces of well-known artists, museum replicas are often produced in larger quantities. In most cases, these are inexpensive mass-produced items - not so with the museum replicas from our shop. Due to the elaborate process and the above-average quality, these are already works that stand out from classic art prints. Furthermore, our museum replicas are produced in limited numbers. This ensures that your reproduction is one of a few selected pieces that will uniquely enrich your collection.

From Renoir to Monet - Constantly Growing Selection of Museum Replicas

At ars mundi, you can buy museum replicas of famous works by artists from past epochs. Discover the most famous creations by Paul Klee and August Macke or lose yourself in the works by Marino Marini and Fritz Overbeck, which are still considered almost insider tips. All museum replicas are stylishly framed and come to your home stretched on stretcher frames.