Richard Senoner:
Sculpture "Mindfulness" (2021), bronze
Richard Senoner:
Sculpture "Mindfulness" (2021), bronze

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ars mundi Exclusive Edition | limited, 49 copies | numbered | signed | hallmarked | certificate | bronze | chased | polished | patinated | size approx. 30 x 32.5 x 9.5 cm (h/w/d) | weight approx. 5.2 kg

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Sculpture "Mindfulness" (2021), bronze
Richard Senoner: Sculpture "Mindfulness" (2021), bronze


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Sculpture "Mindfulness" (2021), bronze

Richard Senoner sees himself as a traditional sculptor and has long been dedicated to the classical motif par excellence - the nude and the representation of the female body. His goal is to translate expressiveness, aesthetics and harmony into sculpture. The classical "pose", which has long been dominant in old sculpture, is of less interest to him.

His female figure entitled "Mindfulness" is not in a particular pose, she does not present herself. She is completely focused on herself and stretches according to the guidelines of the ancient Indian yoga teachings, which as an Eastern philosophy combines physical and mental exercises.

Sculpture in fine bronze, cast using the Lost-Wax-Process, chiselled by hand, polished and patinated. Taken directly from the wooden original. Limited edition of 49 copies, numbered, signed and bearing the foundry and ars mundi hallmark. With numbered certificate of authenticity and limitation. Size approx. 30 x 32.5 x 9.5 cm (h/w/d). Weight approx. 5.2 kg. ars mundi Exclusive Edition.

Portrait of the artist Richard Senoner

About Richard Senoner

The South Tyrolean sculptor Richard Senoner has made nudes the focus of his work and perfected the depiction of female bodies in over 15 years. His wooden sculptures show women in various sensual poses. "The nude – the classic motif in art par excellence – gives me the greatest possible scope in my work as a sculptor to translate expressiveness, aesthetics and harmony. My primary concern is to depict the human being in various thematic aspects," he says.

Senoner bases the design of his figures on the real forms of the human physique: "A detailed and precise elaboration characterises my works," says the artist. In addition to female nudes, Senoner's portfolio includes other motifs, especially sacred art.

Senoner mainly uses the wood of the linden tree for his nude sculptures. The sculptures can be up to 70 cm in size. In order to show off the fine grain of the wood and so that the sculptures do not lose their natural appearance, he does not use any colours or glazes. The perfect shaping in combination with the natural material is what makes Senoner's works so impressive.

Richard Senoner was born in 1967 and grew up in Ortisei in Val Gardena. His father, and later teacher, was also a sculptor, so he was born into the art of working with wood. In 1989, he completed his master's degree. Senoner has been a freelance artist since 1990 and has been working with the Meisel Gallery in New York since 2014.